The Founder

Darsh N. Patel is a 12th grade student at The Davidson Academy, a dual enrollment school at the University of Nevada, Reno, pursuing higher level university courses in computer science, mathematics, statistics, and economics. Despite his rigorous academic pursuits, Darsh finds time to encourage his school and his community to recycle batteries, so far he has helped stop approximately 300 pounds of used batteries from ending up in the landfill by recycling with the Big Green Box. He has tutored math, statistics, and economics at the UNR Math Center. Positively impacting the community around him, he spearheaded a project in 11th grade to ensure the homeless population in Reno have access to winter boots, crucial to avoid becoming the victims of frost bites which can lead to amputation of toes or even legs.  Darsh is determined to make this project a success at the national level no matter how long it takes.

Darsh has always been involved in community service. In 8th grade he received the presidential silver medal for his hours of volunteering at Lemelson Elementary, a title 2 school, in Reno, where he inspired students to be their best. He tutored mathematics and taught them how to play chess, even more so he was a big brother to many of the students who did not have very stable family lives. He has spent hours cleaning used books and getting them shelf ready for the local Reno schools. Darsh also volunteers his summer hours teaching chess at the local library. Darsh is a longtime volunteer at the Northern Nevada Math Center and is also a member of their fund-raising committee. Darsh has been involved in teaching and writing the curriculum for “Teaching Mathematics through Chess” NNVM summer camps. Darsh was a member of the 2021 State of Nevada Mathematics Championship Level 4 team which won 1st Place. He has won numerous awards in mathematics competitions at the local and national level. Most notable is his 1st Place national finish in the individual Math Kangaroo contest.

It would not be a complete picture of Darsh without mentioning his deep love for art and his creative ways to express and explore the art around him. He is a winning photographer, Fine Art America Artist, and creates art from recycled materials and materials found in nature. He also designed the logo for his high school apparel. His abstract submission “The Mathematics of Fractal Art: Using a Derived Cubic Method and the Julia Programming Language to Make Fractal Zoom Videos” was accepted by the World Academy of Science Engineering and Technology. This project illustrates how practical techniques used for scientific visualization can also have an artistic side. Darsh recently published a book on Amazon titled “ A Systematic Review of Two Economies: Egypt and Iran” utilizing the Solo Growth Model to assess each country’s current status of economic growth compared to their potential status of economic growth.

To know Darsh is to know his multifaceted curiosity for the world around him. He is passionate and determined to provide his best, whether he is tackling the hardest academic courses, volunteering his time to teach, creating and admiring art, building creations from recycled materials, engineering projects, rock climbing, camping in the wilderness, becoming an open water scuba certified diver, helping his community recycle, leading his school chess team to compete in the State tournament or attempting to assist homeless residents who are suffering in the harsh winter weather in Reno.

Darsh believes in protecting the most marginalized members of our society, young and poor, by being compassionate and putting himself out there to highlight their plight and inviting others to be a part of the solution. Please consider purchasing from the Soul Shoe Project store and help a homeless person protect their feet through a harsh winter out there in the open.